Simulation Comments – This is a one hour plus response to the many interesting comments that I recieved to my last video on “when did the simulation begin”

Hope you find it interesting.

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Howdie Mickoski

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Servant Of Manifestation
Servant Of Manifestation
8 days ago

I’m not sure I would say there is something ‘wrong’ with the Mandela Effect… because there is polarization there.

It’s kind of like the two Extremes of Energy…. Fire/Radiation…. and Ice/Stone. One is non-material… the other is material.

The polarization tends to yield a Yin/Yang kind of balancing or rotation… like a ‘Wheel of Karma’.

If you take a third perspective of… ‘The Void’ or ‘Infinity’… or the ‘Absolute’… or ‘Absolute Truth’… or Always-Already Done… or ‘Truth is not a Story’… Fire or Ice is rendered as a Lie.

I would say maybe ‘Deceiving’, rather than ‘Wrong’… and the ‘Flatten’ it out (one of those other polarizing deceptions) with a simple logic.

If Truth is Always-Already Done, or There is no room for another Infinity, then Reality (the Simulation) never happens. This is ‘reality’ is virtual. In relation to ‘Matter’… Fire is closer to Truth than Matter… do to the insurmountable Never Happened nature of Truth.

Another description to try is the one in which Matter does not want to admit that the First Born Fire is closer… or wants to supplant Truth… the Mirror/Simulation trying to replace that which is being reflected.

So maybe none of us ‘Wake Up’… rather Infinity/Truth wakes up from its Reflection.

Ian B
Ian B
7 days ago

re choosing a life of utter discomfort. You ask who could possibly choose such a life period?

I do not believe we are here. I repeat, I do not believe we are here

I think we are made of Light, Love and Sexuality.

I believe we choose our lives to be helpful to others. For instance in order for, say, a bully to understand how unloving his/her behaviour might be, there has to be someone to bully. Then that same bully-Being needs to feel the brunt of the bully by being on the receiving end.

A torturer needs people to torture.

As we are not really here, there is no torturer and no bully. But we need to learn to be loving to our neighbours

I once went into a bookstore and asked for a children’s fiction book ‘The Oversoul Seven Trilogy’ by Jane Roberts. I was told it is definitely not a children’s book. It takes a little bit of effort to grasp, but I still think of it as a children’s book.
I offer it to you to better understand how I see the Matrix you refer to

Last edited 7 days ago by Ian B
Chad Giddens
Chad Giddens
7 days ago

Andy Dufresne who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. A metaphor for life, a metaphor for death. We are all Andy.

Ashman Mann
Ashman Mann
7 days ago

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Ashman Mann
Ashman Mann
7 days ago

Howdie discussion is ok at matt meetups 😀

Jay Gray
Jay Gray
7 days ago

I just realised that my idea of uS being God separated into parts as per Alan Watts is related to my idea of this being a simulation as in God had to decide to manifest physically and needed to create a dense 3d environment to do this in as per the bible. The aborigines have amazing ideas about all this – the do not really believe in karma but in balance – if you do A to someone in one life you had to have A done to you in another life. THIS MADE THEM VERY ACCEPTING OF WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM AND UNWILLING TO REACT VIOLENTLY. IF THIS ALL COMES FORM MORPHIC FIENDS tHEN THE NON PHYSICAL CAME BEFORE THE PHYSICAL AND HENCE THIS IS DEFINiTELY a simulation AND WOULD THEN BE OPEN TO HACKING IF YOU HAD LONG ENOUGH TO WORK OUT HOW TO DO IT WHICH MAY BE WHY THE POWER HUNGRY WANT TO ALWAYS KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY! SORRY ABOUT THE CAPITALS BUT MY KEYBOARD WENT FUNNY! MUCH LOVE AND thanks

Corona Soo-guuuud
Corona Soo-guuuud
6 days ago

Hey Howdie, I would highly recommend watching the newer movie Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds as main actor, the movie actually mentions the idea of npc characters that are able to realize that they are in a simulation or video game, which is absolutely what I now believe happened to select few of us( thank you Matt of qoc for waking me up) I have a hard time believing the world we live in is very real at all….. I believe we are all given a chance to wake up here and only a few do, and whoever the smallish amount of characters running this place are, have indeed “hacked this place” to gain control and money and to keep everyone under them, like they made up a whole history for us, which mostly breaks down with enough research …. And maybe there are consequences to these people and that is why they wanna live in this matrix/ or lower dimension forever…. Which I sure as hell will make sure to be no part of this “world” after this life last stop for me!

6 days ago

Corona Soo-guuuud

Amazing and well a bit of synchronicity for sure. l just watched that movie last night in New Zealand…(thinking about those Matt meet ups). The messages were clear and very interesting timing. I loved how the ‘paradise’ that the blue shirt guy arrived at, was absent of bankers! Agree this would be a great movie for Matt and Howdie to slap some analysis on.

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Ashman Mann
Ashman Mann
6 days ago
Reply to  Karen

added Samairaz Indian Restaurant
41 Raranga Street, Marshland, Christchurch 8083, New Zealand

4 days ago

There’s a problem with the idea of looking at history for resets before the last one: what if they reset everything, including history, every time?

Say the starting point is 1812. That means the calendar goes back to 1812 after every reset. Events before that are part of the backstory, every time. They’re never actually played out. Events after that point do occur, although they are orchestrated. They follow a script.

This is actually my top theory for what’s happening. The simulation starts at X, say 1812. Humanity gets roughly the same pre-reset backstory and post-reset script every time, although it probably gets embellished from one reset to the next.

We’re stuck in a play here. One that’s been performed who knows how many times. That’s why some of the clearly orchestrated events (eg. JFK, 9/11) have such a ritualistic flavor. To the creeps acting out the major roles, it’s like landing a big part in a Shakespeare play. (“I’m doing Cheney this time!”)

If I’m right, previous resets aren’t in history. So even if you think they happen every 400 years, you won’t find one in 1412, 1012, etc. Those years never happened.

Last edited 4 days ago by Vincent
Craig Boltman
Craig Boltman
3 days ago

Given that it’s always the now /present, it’s likely the now is stationary and it’s the time line that moves through the now. Like a reel of film would move past the projector light.. A concept the grasp is that the past is ahead of us, as it has moved through the now ahead of us. This is only relevant as to which way the reel /time-line is moving through the now. For example the evolution imagery of man going from ape to middleman to modern man should have the avatars facing the other way, ie moving further away from the now.. Much love

Paul Hogsten
Paul Hogsten
8 hours ago

Hebrews 9:27-28
And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.

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